Donation to Holy Cross Church
in Memory of Anthony Falcone
Jim Leary's Father-in-law
Cash Donation in Memory of Jack Frei
Arlene Frei's husband
Cash Donation in Memory of Tracy McNair
Lorraine McNair's father
Flowers in Memory of Consetta Catalano
Christine Basinski's mother
Fruit Basket in Memory of Nicholas Galuppo
Janine Galuppo's Father-in-law
Flowers - Dominica DelBrocco - Surgery
Flowers - Dianne Lammi - Surgery
Flowers - Charlie Willams - Surgery
Floral Arrangement in Memory of Marion Benson
Jen Edsall's Grandmother
Cash Donation to Groton Fire Department
in Memory of Maurice Sandford
Dwight Sandford's Father-in-law
Flowers Ed Loftus - Surgery
Flowers Theresa Donnelly - Surgery
Flowers Vicky McLaughlin - Illness
Cash Donation to Sunnyside Care Center
and Sacred Heart Religious Ed
in Memory of Mary Sahm - Connie Colvin's Mother
Snack Basket - Janet Stevenson
Floral Terri Rank - Operation
Flowers to Hartner Funeral Home In Memory of
Helen O'Neil - Robert Greenlee's Mother-in-law
Flowers to Krueger Funeral Home In Memory of
Edward Wesley - Theresa Joy's Father
Cash Donation to St Joseph's Church Food Pantry
and Francis House - in Memory of Ellen Hoare
Cindy Hoare's Mother-in law
Floral - Val Knoop - Operation
Cash Donation in Memory of Mary Burnham
Laurie Case's mother
Cash Donations to CNY SPCA & Sara House
In Memory of Kathleen Lester
George & Patti Neuman's mother
Donation - Solvay Tigers
In Memory of Mayola Willoughby
Jim Willoughby's Mother

Donation - Dollars for Scholars
In Memory of Helen Brown
Tom Comer's Mother-in-law

Floral - Barb Cullen - Illness

Floral - Mike Hoefler - Surgery
Donation to Leukemia Society
In Memory of Paul Spies
Cyndy Kwiek's Father

Floral In Memory of Terry York
Judy Corigilano's Step-Father

Floral - Jacki Letizia - Surgery
Donation to Tigris Transportation Fund
In Memory of Josephine DelGuidice Hunt
Sue Kline's Mother