Donations to McLean Cemetary Association &
Groton City United Church
in Memory of Carl A. Rote
Kevin McEvoy's Father-in-law

Donation to St Francis Adult Day Svcs and United Baptist Church
in Memory of Martha Wicks Weaver
Jay Weaver's Mother

Donation to Dryden Ambulance Fund
in Memory of Ronald L. Sweet Jr
Sharon Lanphear's Brother

Flowers - Deb Driscoll - Medical
Flowers - John Poulos - Medical

Fruit Basket - Tim Reardon - Medical
Flowers - Theresa Nastri - Medical
Donation to Sacred Heart Food Pantry
In Memory of Edward C. Ballas
Kathy Muraski's Father
Flowers - Eucala Doctor - Medical
Donation to Crouse Health Foundation
In Memory of Carole Hovater
Eric Hovater's Mother
Donation to Carol A. Henry Memoral Fund
In Memory of Carol Henry - Mark Henry's mother
Flowers - Nancy Wood - Medical
Gift Card - Burton Scott - Medical
Gift Card - Ky Towers - Medical
Donations to Kidney Foundation of CNY
& Francis house
In Memory of Mary Naum Mitson
Jennifer Lormand's grandmother
Donation in Memory of Maurice Branche
Kay Hewitt's Father
Donation to Alfond Center for Cancer Care
In Memory of Judith Brostek
Val Knoop's Sister
Donations to Hospice of CNY & Francis House
in Memory of Helem Barnaba Fenocchi
Marcia Fenocchi's Mother-in-law
Flowers - Donna Lillis - Medical
Fruit Basket - Butch Kyle - Medical
Floral Arrangement
In Memory Kathy Halstead's Father-In-Law
Flowers - Jeanne Brainard - Medical
Fruit Basket - In Memory of Russel Redhead
Terri Redhead's Father in law & Amanda's Grandfather

2007 Remembrances