Flowers to Bob Palla - Medical

Flowers to Andrea Pestillo - Medical

Dish Garden to George Price - Medical

Donation to Golisano's Children's Hospital
In memory of Dianne J. Kratz
Kris Kratz Mother in law

Donations to SPCA & Immaculate Heart of Mary
in memory of Charles J. Kurtz
Noelle Hickok's Grandfather

Alzheimer's Association in memory of Nada Owen, Nancy Wicks mother

Flowers to Karen Caminiti - Medical

Donations to 1st Presbyterian Church of Oneida & Wanders Rest Human Assn.
In Memory of Lawrence Merrell
Kelly Covert's Father
Flowers to Jane Ayers - Medical
Donation to ESM Meals on Wheels
In Memory of Joseph Bonn
Kori Harris Grandfather
Floral in Memory of Tammy S. O'Neil
Frank Greenlee's sister-in-law

Donation to St. Joseph's Hospital Fund
Pallative Care Unit
in Memory of John C. McCarthy
Dave McCarthy's Father
Flowers to Laura Tanyhill - Medical
Donation to Transfiguration Church
In Memory of Vera Anne Palla
Bob Palla's Mother
Check - Lisa Brown - Medical
Gift Basket - Jim Jones - Medical
Donation Solvay Fire Department In Memory of Frank Willoughby
Jim Willoughby's Father
Flowers - Patti Neuman - Medical
Flowers - Sharod Armstrong - Medical
Donation to CNY Hospice In Memory of Terry Leonelli Kris Kratz & Michelle Reale's father & Bob Reale's father in law

2010 Remembrances