Donation to the Rescue Mission
In Memory of Philip Wicks
Nancy Wicks father-in-law

Fruit Basket
In Memory of Phil Neuman
George & Patti Neuman's brother/brother-in-law

Donation to Mt. View Center, Vermont
In Memory of Ralph Nutter
Lorraine Marcille's father

Donation to St. Michael's Church - Central Square
In Memory of Jane Merle
Kris Kratz & Michelle Reale's Grandmother

Flowers to Shelly Johnson - Medical
Flowers to Tammy Mahady - Medical

Donation to North Area Meals On Wheels
In Memory Ruth Ash Dibble
Jackie Crowley's mother
Donation to Hospice of CNY
In Memory George Mulderig
Cassie Burch's father
Donation Oswego County SPCA
in Memory of Dawn Drought
Jim Rogalavich's sister-in-law

Flowers to Bonnie Lopardi Medical
Donation Shriner's Hospital for Children
in Memory of James Kline
Sue Kline's Father-in-Law

Donation to the Alzheimer Association
in memory of Audrey Anne Baker
Ingrid Heller's mother

Donation to Family Connections (an adoption agency)
in memory of Jopina E. Rice
Ky Towers sister-in-law

Donation to Hope Hospice
in memory of Margaret Hoegler
Matt Hoegler's mother

Donation to St Margaret's Church
in memory of Jeanne DeGarie
Judy DeGarie's mother-in-law

Donation to Temple Israel
in Memory of Audrey Tannenabum
Elaine Hatch's mother

Donation to Holy Cross Polish National
Catholic Church
in Memory of George A. Sabotka
Dave Greenfield's father-in-law

Donation to Caring Community Hospice
in Memory of Donald B. Rossell
Cali Young's grandfather

Donation to American Diabetes Association
in Memory of Stephen J. Thurston
Tammy Reilley's father

in Memory of Isabelle Breen
Karen Corcoran's mother

Donation to Hospice of CNY
in Memory of Mary Alice Snow
Donna Salvatore's mother

Donation to Seton Catholic Central Select Chorus
in Memory of Nancy DeAngelo
Sarah Bitz Grandmother

Donation to Hospice of CNY
in Memory of Doris Button
Rich Barton's mother

Donation to RTS Bereavement Service
of Crouse Hospital
in Memory of Kylie Rose Popps
Joanne Scholl's Granddaughter

Donation to Grace Christian Fellowship
in Memory of Jane Parker Christopher
Wayne Curtis's mother-in-law

Donation to Halstead family
in Memory of Minnie Halstead
Kathy Halstead's mother

Donation to Food Bank of CNY
in Memory of Magdeline Devesty
Mark Romano's mother-in-law

Donation to Upstate Cancer Center
in Memory of Lisa Brown

Donation The Humane Assoc. of CNY
in Memory of Mae Hunter Liedkie
Stephen Nagen's mother in law

American Diabetes Assn
in Memory of Morgan Ford
Adrian Threat's grandfather

2012 Remembrances