Donation - Hospicare - Ithaca
in Memory of Deborah Young - Jeff Young's Wife

Donation - Sullivan Food Cupboard
in Memory of Joan Hatch
Elaine Hatch's Mother-in-law

Snack Basket to Debbie Golick - Medical

Snack Basket to Antoinette Brown - Medical

Donation to Contact Community Service
in Memory of Alexandria Kane
Nicole Kane Sister-in-Law

Donation to SPCA in Memory of Edward Liszewski Elaine Liszewski's father

Donation to St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Rome, NY
in Memory of Mark Jutzeler
Paul Jutzeler's brother

Flower Basket to Sharon Dwyer - Medical

Flowers in Memory of Danny Nett
Monica Nett's husband

Flowers in Memory of Geraldine "Gerry" DeMarco
Ed Loftus Mother in law
Flowers to Patti Neuman - Medical

Donation to Alzheimer's Assoc-CNY Chapter
in Memory of Gerald Hoegler - Matt Hoegler Father

Donation to First United Methodist Church Building Fund, Clarinda, IA
in Memory of Nancy Jo Beattie
MaryAnn Beattie's Sister-in-law

Donation to Jefferson County SPCA
in Memory Timothy Jay Clark
Terri Clark's brother

Donation to Jamesville Fire Dept
in Memory of Connie Tily
Denise Tily's Mother-in-Law

Donation to Camden Fire Department
in Memory of Kenneth Bryant
Danica Kaltaler's Grandfather

Donation to The Parish of Saints John and Andrew Church in Binghamton, NY
in Memory of Gerald Regan Jr
Marcia Barden Jacobson's Father

Donation to Marathon Cemetery Assoc
in Memory of Jerome Knapp
Cheryl Mrozowski's Father

Donation to George Dombrowski lll Memorial Fund
in Memory of George Dombrowksi
Lisa Chase's brother
Snack Basket to Mike Burns - Medical
Donation - in Memory of David Birmingham
Nicole Kane's Father

Fruit Basket
to Steve Czaja - Medical
Donation - in Memory of David Birmingham
Nicole Kane's Father

Donation Roswell Park Alliance Fund- in Memory of David Pepe
Dale Pepe's Uncle

2015 Remembrances